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Several of the world’s wealthiest individuals began their success stories by becoming private lenders for a reputable company. While becoming a private lender may seem like a huge risk, no one becomes wealthy by playing it safe. (808) offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for individuals and their lawyers to make secured loans in Honolulu, HI.

It does not take much at all to become a private lender with our company. You can loan as little as $50,000 with $41,000 to get started. There is nowhere else in today’s market where investors will be able to seek such great returns with this amount of capital.

We use one lender per deal and extend offers to first or second mortgage potentials that have been rejected for traditional loans. The amount of interest gained by becoming a private lender with our company is second to none. We are not brokers; we simply wish to match lenders and borrowers in a secure environment.

Our representatives are experienced and knowledgeable about the changing market. We want to become your number one resource for private lending, and our reputation is exceptional. We will keep your identity completely confidential, because we respect the privacy of any private lender who chooses to do business with us.

You are free to back out at any point up until you fund escrow. This gives you the freedom and comfort of knowing that you are in control of your money. Our specialists will never handle your funds. We give you the power, and only escrow will ever take any deposit money from you.

Get the financial security you have always dreamed of, and become a private lender with (808) today!

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