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Hard money loans may be a confusing subject for individuals to understand, and this confusion keeps thousands of people from accessing this amazing opportunity. This type of loan is a high interest, short term, and high cost loan with very minimal qualifications. Several of our customers have qualified for hard money loans with us when everyone else turned them away.

(808) 2-MONEY-2.com specializes in providing hard money loans to customers for a variety of uses. The loan is secured by a first mortgage on any real estate in and around Honolulu, HI, but you may use the funds however you want. With our hard money loans, you can get access to up to $1 million dollars in less than a month! This may seem impossible, but here are a few facts about how this all works:

• Land vs. Individual Qualification – To receive our hard money loans, the loan recipient does not have to individually qualify. Only the property on which the loan is secured must qualify. This means that hundreds of borrowers in the area are eligible!

• Credit Score is Irrelevant – We do not place a high value on your credit score to determine whether or not you qualify for our hard money loans. You can get access to the money you need with our help.

• Credit History is Not Considered – We also do not discriminate against individuals with little or poor credit histories, because our main concern is the value of the land.

If you have been turned down for loans in the past, it is time to try again. We can guarantee approval for most of our customers in the Honolulu, HI area. Our hard money loans are exactly what you need to get back on your feet. Call to schedule an appointment with our specialists today!

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